2019 MIPLA Cup Recap

The 2019 MIPLA Cup was held on March 6 and hosted by Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  The Cup is an annual moot court competition among  Minnesota law schools who have also entered teams in the AIPLA’s National Giles Rich Moot Court Competition.  This year, two-person teams from the Univ. of St . Thomas, the Univ. of Minnesota, and Mitchell Hamline competed in a  round-robin format.  Judging was provided by volunteer MIPLA members wo are seasoned IP trial attorneys.  The  scoring was very close, and the team of Matthew Mirabella and William “J.J.” Pristanski from  the Univ. of Minnesota Law School took the top prize. Second place went to Lee Bennin and Kiersten Idzorek from the Univ of St. Thomas.

The MIPLA Board says “Thanks” to Prof. Sharon Sandeen and to Deanna Jackson from Mitchell Hamline for their organizing prowess and generous hospitality. We wish all the local schools the best of luck as they head into the Regional round of the Giles Rich competition!